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Insultherm® Cellular Glass insulation is rigid, lightweight material containing millions of completely sealed glass cells. This unique cell structure is inherently water-resistant and provides a highly effective vapor barrier (will not absorb flammable liquids or vapors).

It is also unaffected by common chemicals and by most corrosive environments. The material is available in sectional pipe covering and fittings, board segments for equipment, and curved segments for tank wall and head applications. Insultherm® Cellular Glass insulation material has high compressive strength, low thermal conductivity, No water absorption, Zero permeability, High-performance barrier, Non-combustible, Non-toxic, Resistant to pests, and vermin.

Insultherm Middle east L.L.C is the manufacturer and supplier of Cellular Glass Insulation Material located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). With our diverse technical base of the highest quality in terms of skills, knowledge, and expertise, we are executing projects across the globe. Insultherm® Cellular Glass Insulation Material has been approved by reputed consultants with excellent technical compliance that exceeds/meets all of ASTM C 552 standard requirements.

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