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Perlite Insulation

Insultherm® Perlite Insulation is the waterproof heat insulation material that is asbestos-free and of high intensity with high quality perlite particles as the main material and made by cohering inorganic bond and reinforced fiber (It is a non-asbestos, high performance and water repellent insulating material that is composed of high-quality expanded perlite particles, bonded with inorganic binder and reinforcing fiber); its highest at temperature is 650°C, with super-low heat conductivity coefficient and super-low chloride ion content, it has very good protection on peripheral steel pipes; being prefabricated to shape up and resistant to deform, it has the same service life of buildings. Its various technical indexes are leading to the level of similar products in domestic its overall water repellency is nice and it integrates the function in terms of heat reservation, thermal insulation and water resistance, saving great amount of construction and maintenance fund. It is not only able to have heat reservation function on petrochemical industry pipelines and equipment, but also has very nice fire prevention and radiation resistance

Advantages of Insultherm® Perlite Insulations are Asbestos free, Superior Strength and Outstanding Waterproofing Performance.

Insultherm Middle east L.L.C is the manufacturer and supplier of Perlite Insulation located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). With our diverse technical base of the highest quality in terms of skills, knowledge and expertise, we are executing projects across the globe.

Insultherm® Perlite Insulation materials have been approved by reputed consultants with excellent technical compliance that exceeds/meets US ASTM C 610 Standards.


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