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Phenolic foam blocks

Rockwool Insulation in UAE / Mineralwool Insulation in UAE

Insultherm® Rockwool / Mineralwool is a type of stone wool that is frequently used as an insulator for buildings. Insultherm® Rockwool is manufactured by heating certain minerals to their melting point and then spinning the minerals until they solidify in the shape of threads. Insultherm® Rockwool / Mineral wool is frequently used as raw material for insulation for many various reason including,
When packed into its final insulating foam, Rockwool is a poor heat conductor. This prevents heat from escaping a structure that has been insulated with rockwool.
Insultherm® Rockwool is also a noise dampener, so it does not transfer sound waves very efficiently. This reduces the noise pollution that can occur from loud sounds within a structure.
Insultherm® Rockwool / Mineralwool is fire resistant.

Insultherm® Rockwool / Mineralwool Insulation are applicable in Insulation Slab, Blanket, Insulation Pipe Insulation, Building Insulation, EIFS / ETICS, Oil Refineries, Nuclear Power Plants, HVAC Insulation and Kitchen Duct Insulation Sound / Acoustic Insulation, Cryogenic Tanks and Equipment Insulation, Industrial Boilers.

Insultherm Middle east L.L.C is the manufacturer and supplier of Rockwool / Mineralwool Insulation located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). With our diverse technical base of the highest quality in terms of skills, knowledge, and expertise, we are executing projects across the globe.

Insultherm® Rockwool / Mineralwool Insulation Material has been approved by reputed consultants with excellent technical compliance that exceeds/meets all of requirements.

Rockwool Insulation in UAE
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