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INSULTHERM® Produce High Density Thermal Support for Piping and Duct Insert with high thermal properties compare to any other support in used.

* Full Rounded Support Insert
* Flat Bottom Support Insert
* Duct Support Insert

Using Insultherm® Thermal Support is having extremely high thermal performance and load bearing capacity which has been optimized to resist heat transfer. It has allow for a continuous vapor barrier to be carried through the support system. Insultherm® Thermal support inserts are designed for use in under duct, pipe supports, hangar brackets, clamps, flat surface and will support the compressive loads imposed on pipework carrying water or other liquids such as chilled water piping, cold water, oil & gas industries. Insultherm® Thermal Supports are available with reinforced aluminium foil vapor barrier, aluglass foil (aluminized glass cloth), GRP/FRP Jacketing or Un-faced.

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